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Searching For Fat
As self-declared C.E.O., top scientist, lead artist, and resident pataphysician of a fictional corporation...
The Arts: An Evening of Art and Music
“ M usic,” Les Miserables author Victor Hugo once noted, “expresses that which...
Mustaches and Monsters
Third Annual Lowbrow Art and Craft Fair ‘caters to the unusual’
Arts Page: Fashionistas
Record labels’ raison d’etre used to be pretty clear: fund and promote records, and send...
Winter Arts Preview
A New Nutcracker As Christmastime makes its annual approach, many an audience braces itself for...
All Over the Place
H eart Light, says dancer/choreographer Billbob Brown, may be “the last piece I’ll...
Online Lifeline
“Plays that address the rapidly changing ways we communicate through digital devices” have...
Banking on Art
At the Deerfield Arts Bank, Jane Trigere offers culture instead of cash
A Gothic Maze
It’s a fine week for filmgoers. The visual feast that is Pan’s Labyrinth (pictured) comes...
Carving and Collecting
The whimsical world of Rich and Flo Newman
Writing For The Living Dead
Amherst writer Stefan Petrucha jumps genres in his books, graphic novels, and comics
The Fright Factory
With Easthampton space, DementedFX hopes to become the Disney of haunted houses
Here Today
These days, most everything gets documented. A lot of online-oriented people regularly take pictures...
Henceforth and Forever Free
Milestone anniversaries of two historic liberations, separated by more than a century—not to...
The Flush of Acquisition
From auctions and ephemera fairs to hidden-away shops, the Valley is a mecca for antiquarian booksellers.
Words Not to Use
Strange and wonderful things are happening at A.P.E. Gallery this month. Printmakers from Zea Mays...
A Poet at Play
Connolly Ryan aims his cunning verse at Northampton.
Bigger, Bolder, Darker, Deeper
Anselm Kiefer turns to the dark side.
Stagestruck: Revisiting Vengeance
The Visit at WTF: A revenge drama with music
Fade to Gold
Zing, a small studio in Westfield, makes big records.
Steaming Up a Phantasy
I n September, 1859, a British man named Joshua Abraham Norton stepped out of the offices of the ...
Catching a Coyote
A Q&A with Valley and fellow Publishing Genius Press author Christy Crutchfield
The Space Between
A man in a baseball cap stares at nothing. He’s clutching paperwork. Down the bench from him,...
She’ll Be Sawing Down the Mountain
Carolyn Clayton built her own mountain. She put her personal peak together last year with synthetic...
Technicolor and Chalk
Loaded handguns figure in both of the shows now playing at Barrington Stage Company, but that’s...
Summer Arts Preview
A few good picks for a hot summer
Champion of the Odd
A t first, Travis Louie’s characters might seem a touch monstrous. After all, some of them really...
Good Reads
A spring sampling of the Valley’s current crop of books
Of Peacocks and Patronage
Darren Waterston’s Mass MoCA installation “Filthy Lucre” explores the relationship between money and art.
Humorous Displays
T he Paradise City Arts Festival returns this Memorial Weekend with works of jewelry, painting, sculpture,...
Open the Door and Come On In
Landscape photographs by Anne Whiston Spirn
Steam Power
Steampunk Springfield revisits Industrial Era Innovations.
Steampunk Q&A
Bruce Rosenbaum, guest curator of Steampunk Springfield, steampunk designer
Good-nervous Elation
Publisher, editor and author Ariel Gore reads at Food For Thought
Paint and Emotion
Valley artist Rebecca Guay and the power of the human form
A conversation with the late poet Maxine Kumin
Hats Off for Dr. Seuss
It’s often said that shoes make the man. It seems that Ted Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) turned that...
Strange Bodies
Jeff Jackson’s Mira Corpora rides an edge between truth and fiction.
Fountain Man
In a high window on the front of Eastworks, the former mill building in Easthampton, there’s...
The Art of Forgery
A Springfield Museums exhibit looks at famous art fakes and the forgers who made them.
E very year, the R. Michelson Galleries get filled with a stunning array of work by children’s...
Past Presence
Eric Broudy finds new life in Holyoke’s old mills.
In Miniature
T his month the Hosmer Gallery features paintings by Northampton High School student Joshua Dietz...
Books for Dark Days
Good winter reading from some local and not-so-local writers.
Paint and Photo
What do you get when you combine photography with painting, drawing and computer rendering? In the...
Larger Than Life: W.E.B. Du Bois
Artists honor the legacy of scholar and activist W.E.B. Du Bois.
Elizabeth Denny found a platynota exasperating, and named her latest exhibition The Exasperating Platynota...
Awakening Edwards
Jonathan Edwards in the hands of a Northampton novelist
Trail With A View
Barbara Bosworth’s “outdoors-based” photography exhibits in the Valley
After the Bad Breaks
Bingeing, Breaking Bad and the new media landscape.
Fall Arts Preview
A few of our favorites for the fall season.
Kuniyoshi’s Heroes
Tattooed warriors in Japanese prints
Metal, Paint, Abstraction
Six artists—Jaq Chartier, Carrie Seid, Ali Moshiri, Sean Greene, Margaret Withers (whose work...
Pick Your Own
Art in the Orchard is a relatively new idea, but it’s proven itself a big draw as well as a quintessentially...
Beyond Spiderwick
Amherst’s Holly Black crafts a wicked good read with The Coldest Girl in Coldtown.
Our Derbyshire Cowboy
The Big Bad Bollocks’ John Allen on the road to America
Valley artist and illustrator Rebecca Guay is widely known for her work with Magic: The Gathering,...
European Tour
Painting in watercolor requires alternating strokes of patience and boldness, a mixture that’s...
Art in Ashes
Springfield photographer Keith Sikes works to reclaim the photos he lost in a fire.
Along the Line
Artist Gina Siepel fills A.P.E. Gallery with a wooden mile.
Body Biography
Artist, activist, and photographer Matuschka exhibits her collection A Body Biography at a time that...
What Makes a Folk Tale?
Latino artists’ illustrations come from close to home and far away.
The Man Can
Medway painter and tattoo artist Canman crafts high-color visions, and in Vintage Hallucinations ,...
Sound & Vision
There are few more stressful jobs than Emergency Room Technician, and one can imagine the focused intent...
The Rainbow Players don’t exactly reject terms like “tolerance,” “acceptance”...
Certain Words
Poets seldom reach consensus on aesthetic matters, but few indeed are the poets who don’t offer...
Liebling’s Holyoke
A photo exhibition by the late Jerome Liebling is the centerpiece of a month of art in Holyoke.
Art in Paradise: The Art of the Contraption
Sculptor/animator Gina Kamentsky makes sculptures that clank and ring.
Whimsy in Paradise
Take Alexander Calder’s mobiles and throw in heaping amounts of Rupe Goldbergian excess, and...
Art in Paradise: Death from Above
A UMass exhibition aims to bring the realities of drone strikes back home.
A MUSEical Journey
Valley Classics presents A MUSEical Journey in celebration of the beginning of the Spring 2013 season....
Quite, Quite Mad
If you’ve ever perused Mad Magazine, you’ll know just the kind of overwhelming mish-mash...
Ringside Holyoke
A Holyoker gets up close to a sport she’s only seen from afar.
Visual Grammar
Photographer Tom Young tells primal tales through image.
Art in Paradise: Cute Monstrosities
Northampton’s FOE Store and Gallery  specializes in grown-up toys.
Art in Paradise: Murder, Boston-style
The long life of the Bay State’s most notorious gangster is the subject of Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill’s Whitey.
Art in Paradise: 1,000 Ways
A Brattleboro project aims to foster the writing of 1,000 love letters.
Art in Paradise: Poetry in the Precinct
A new arts initiative brings poetry, theater and more to Holyoke municipal workers.
Letters: What Do You Think?
This week: Arts Center Seeks New Home, Stein Convinces, and a Correction
James Kitchen: Sculpting the Past
The Chesterfield artist welds together pieces of the past to make public art.
Phoenix Rising
Xu Bing, one of China’s most widely known artists, brings his latest work to Mass MoCA. Originally...
Art in Paradise: Not the Last First
Northampton’s First Night isn’t an easy party to throw, but the show must go on.
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