Mark Schwaber

Mark Schwaber and Sara Gomes.

Mark Schwaber is a veteran of the Western Massachusetts music scene, beginning with hardcore bands in the late 80’s and most recently including a shared stage with the Oscar winning songsmiths The Swell Season (of the hit film ONCE). He has released several critically acclaimed CD’s under various monikers. The most recent being 2004’s eponymous “Two Years and Thirty Minutes” and 2006’s “The Killing Card”. The latter featured appearances by Ida’s Ruth Keating and Killswitch Engage’s Joel Stroetzel and was praised far and wide.

Never one to settle for repeating himself, Mark set out to write a pure rock record. Louder, cleaner and more straight ahead and much less of a conceptual record this time out.

In stepped Sara Gomes (Something Of A Silhouette). A Hawaiian native and recent transplant to Western Massachusetts from Los Angeles. Sara’s effortlessly brilliant voice and intuitive sense of creativity helped take this next record to another place. From the age of 7 (through 18) Sara studied the art of hula in her native land. The elements of singing and chant were quintessential in the development of her unique ability. This was her only formal training in music and because of that raw, unadulterated heritage her voice has lent a decidedly new twist to Mark’s work.

Winner of the Valley Advocate’s Grand Band Slam Award “Best singer/songwriter” for 2008.

Winner of the Valley Advocate’s Grand Band Slam Award “Best singer/songwriter” for 2007.

Winner of the WRSI (93.9 The River) singer/songwriter competition 2005.

In the last year Mark has performed/toured with :

The Swell Season, Jeremy Enigk (Sunny Day Real Estate), Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr, Folk Implosion), Kevin Devine, Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall), and Steve Brodsky (Cave In).

In years past he performed with : Hayden, Token Entry, Scud Mountain Boys, Sebadoh, The Pernice Brothers, Folk Implosion, Dig, Tree, Sam Black Church, Frente!, Lois Moffeo and Paw amongst hundreds of others.

Press :

This is an intriguing album that immediately caught our attention…The Killing Card presents sixteen thought provoking compositions that flow by seamlessly...combining classic elements with unpredictable spontaneity. This man is bound to be a major player in the years to come.
Recommended. (Rating: 5++)

"The Killing Card is Schwaber's terrific new album that features his finely crafted songs and masterful guitar playing."
Johnny Memphis, Daily Hampshire Gazette

"Great emotional depth...profound."
Live review - David Ryan Polgar, Northeast Performer

On 'The Killing Card' Mark Schwaber alternates his usual gossamer melodies with moments of laser-like intensity, resulting in a satisfying and beautiful patchwork of that thing we often speak of, but that we rarely really see: Art.
—George Lenker, The Union News

When an album gives me chills, it is surely a good sign. Sure the year is young, but this is one of my favorite albums of 2006. Period.
—Casey Hayman, The Local Buzz

Schwaber has a knack for creating both brilliantly sparse and intelligent tracks… If you are looking for intelligently crafted, emotional pop with solid rhythms and laid-back harmonies then this is an album you could easily get hooked on.
—Lisa Town, Delusions of Adequacy (


Tue, Nov 11
WMBR - MIT radio - Boston, MA
Fri, Nov 21
Black Moon Cafe w/ Matt Larsen
Wed, Dec 10
The Iron Horse w/ Jeremy Enigk.
Fri, Dec 12
Mocha Maya's
Fri, Jan 9
PACE - w/ Leah Randazzo