The John Bobbit Experience

We are legion, for we are many

In their words: "(the JBE) blends looped beats and ambient electronica with live instrumentation, eclectic samples and thick, multi-layered group vocals. The overall effect falls somewhere between an early Beck album and a blend of '80s bands a la Bauhaus or My Bloody Valentine. Their stage show is reputedly a highlight of the Northampton scene, but be prepared to experience frighteningly hirsute moments." -Tom Sturm, the Advocate

In our words: We made a record of bizarre alien sounds bound together into psychedelic "pop" songs (on sale at shows and lots of place). We played too many shows in the same town, and we became known as makers of gimmicky escapist music that sounds nothing like said record.  Lame.  Now we listen to barely anything but doom and drone metal and write songs about the apocalypse, civil strife and the idiots running things.


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