Doug Ratner & The Watchmen

Doug Ratner- guitar and vocals
Mark Adamski- guitar
Mike Lamagna- drums
Austin Seabury- bass and vocals

Doug Ratner & The Watchmen like to be very honest when they describe who they are, because their music is an expression of life, and life is hard and in your face. But not TOO hard, and not TOO in your face....think of a harder version of Tom Petty or My Morning Jacket.

Bred from the country side of Western, MA, after years of hard work, they have developed a growing following from the 5 colleges to the Ivey League schools of New England. DRAW is in constant demand from schools, universities, theatres, and bars throughout the East Coast.

The band consists of Doug Ratner on guitar and vocals, Austin Seabury on bass, Mike Lamagna on drums, and Mark Adamski on guitar.

Deep down, these four guys are really a bunch of country side, mountain climbing music lovers who all feel they were born in the wrong decade....except for Mark, who loves his blackberry. Their influences range from The Who to Social Distortion to Green Day. they often like to compare themselves to articles of clothing, Austin a tight t-shirt, Mike a pack of cigarettes, Mark a belt named "Puba" and Doug to a flannel shirt once ripped by a mountain lion...sorta.

The new album, "Eye to Eye" is a collection of passionate rock tales, some brutally honest and some more poetically written with Townshend esq. lyricism. The harder songs like "I Still Fall" and "Melatonin" are direct descendants of that honest portrayal of life as a tough fight. And softer songs such as "Arise" and "Ahead Along" give the listener a deeper thought. The album is currently being played on over 100 independent and college radio stations throughout the country. You might hear a single on the radio and not even know it!

Photo (C) Hannah Cohen


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Fri, Jan 7
9:30 p.m.
Tully O'Reilly's (acoustic show)
1 Pearl St, NOHO
Thu, Jan 20
8 p.m.
UMASS Amherst- Patterson Hall
UMASS Amherst
Sat, Apr 2
9 p.m.
Pearl St Clubroom
10 Pearl St, NOHO
Sat, Apr 16
1:00 p.m.
Guitar Con
Wed, Apr 27
UMASS Amherst- Southwest Week