John St.Onge
Rich Tardy
Rob Driscoll
Matt Silberstein
Anthony Minalga
Chris Deprey

With a reverence for musical styles and cult-classical artistic themes that have defined a generation, Swillmerchants debut full length album, The Mint Hotel, emphatically reminds its audience of where rock has been, while quite seriously challenging where it might go. Musical influences such as Led Zeppelin, Interpol, MGMT, The Who, Queens Of The StoneageandKasabian have helped to shape the bands ever-evolving sound.

The tasteful blend of pulsating drum rhythms and dynamic bass lines heard throughout The Mint Hotel set the stage for vintage guitar tones and hook-heavy synth textures which highlight the artisticvocal delivery and initiate an energetic thrill for the listener. Swillmerchants music, known for it's swagger and fresh appeal, combined with unforgettable live shows and electrifying stage presence,serve to remind everyone that music is supposed to be FUN.


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Fri, Dec 31
The Elevens
140 Pleasant St. Northampton, MA 01060