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Murder on the Orient Express
Stirn Auditorium
Based on Agatha Christie novel. Introduction by Bradley Bailey. Part of the Mead Summer Film Series.
07.25.14 - 07.26.14
Pothole Pictures
Movie from 1987 starring Cher and Nicholar Cage. With pre-show live music performed by Co-op jazz on Friday and Helter Celtic on Saturday.
07.25.14 - 07.27.14
Co-Creation - 50 Years in the Making
Holden Theater, Amherst College
A true story of play-making, parenting, successes, failures, polyamory, spiritual quests, and dancing naked around bonfires. By The Independent Eye Part of Ko Festival 2014.
Simerson and Co.
Marcia & Seymour Simon Performance Space (Jacob's Pillow)
Featuring Brian Simerson, formerly of Momix. Part of the Inside/Out Performance series.
Springfield Museums
With magician Jungle Jim. Part of the Summer Spectacular Family series.
07.26.14 - 07.27.14
Fed Up
Latchis Theatre
Documentary on American obesity and the corresponding role of the food industry.
A Legacy of Holyoke's Music, People, and Places 1800 - 1950
Wistariahurst Museum
Concert derived from the research of historian Jacqueline Cooper. Performed by a story teller and various musicians.
07.26.14 - 07.30.14
Fitzpatrick Main Stage
Keira Naughton directs the Berkshire Theatre Group's production of Erik Tarloff's , featuring James Noughton.
P.D.Q. Bach - A Triumph of Incompetence
The Colonial Theatre
Musical humorist Peter Schickele looks at one of history's most neglected composers, the twenty-first child (out of twenty) of J.S. Bach.
Contemporary Program - The School at Jacob's Pillow
Marcia & Seymour Simon Performance Space (Jacob's Pillow)
Part of the Inside/Out Performance series.
viewing records 21 - 30 of 61
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