M. A. Schorr
’t0M. A. Schorr is an adjunct professor of American Literature at Cambridge College in Lawrence and the Executive Director of the Robert Frost Foundation. Six recent poems by Schorr are forthcoming in the annual, Fulcrum 6 (www.fulcrumpoetry.org). This past spring Schorr organized a panel at the New England Poetry Conference of University of Massachusetts at Lowell that included several papers including and commenting upon his latest research on Frost and Reverend William Wolcott, the Frost family's minister. He is the co-editor (with Kevin O'Connor) of One On A Side, Seamus Heaney's lecture comparing Frost and Heaney. Most recently, Schorr has authored "Pine Island's Poetic Beauty" (The Andovers Summer/Fall 2008), a personal essay that speculates how a youthful Robert Frost was influenced by W. B. Yeats.
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