Wen-ti Tsen

Wen-ti Tsen was born in China and grew up in France and England. He came to the United States to study painting at the Boston Museum School. He now does installations and public art works that often center on using art to make connections among people and communities. Tsen designed the adinkira symbol for the face of the building that houses the Boston Arts Academy in 2004, while he was an artist-in-residence there. In 2005, he worked with the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center to design a replica of a mural that was lost when a building was demolished three years earlier. The replica, a 60-by-80-inch photo reproduction of the mural, is located in the lobby of the BCNC's new building and is visible from the street. On the occasion of the millennium, Tsen was chosen to create a "sculptural plaza" in Yakima Valley, Washington, that would bring together all segments of the community to "reflect on the last thousand years and to view the next thousand."

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