Barbara Pelissier
Barbara Pelissier is the president of the Westhampton Historical Society, co-chair of the Friends of the Westhampton Public Library, and a member of the area's Pioneer Valley History Network. She is part of a growing group of local researchers who assist and delight in one another's discoveries of this area's history. As an example of her penchant for connecting the past with the present, her historical society most recently gave away 100 Energy-Saver light bulbs to town residents as an effort toward making incandescent bulbs "history." Most recently, she united a Pittsfield woman with the beautiful linen sampler, which her own great-great-great grandmother had stitched in 1826. A bit of research in 2005 led to a race against time to recover a cornerstone box of artifacts laid in 1856 at the site of the Northampton Lunatic Asylum before the building was demolished in July 2006. Current projects include the transcription and annotation of Lydia Niles's, a Westhampton woman's, diary (1855-1873) for publication, updating a town map, ongoing compilation and indexing obituaries of Westhampton and Florence residents, and ...
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