Aaron F. Miller
Aaron Miller is a historical archaeologist from Charlemont, Massachusetts. He holds a Master of Arts degree in anthropology focusing on seventeenth and eighteenth-century English-colonial material culture, and is presently completing revisions to his PhD dissertation in archaeology which examines population, economic, settlement, defense, and architecture-related aspects of North America’s English colonial history in the 1620s and 30s. Miller has developed various research and archaeological ventures, including the Taylors Fort Archaeological Project, which explored the history and material culture of the 1750s western frontier of Massachusetts and won the 2007 Massachusetts Historical Preservation Award. In addition to excavating sites in Great Britain, Ireland, Maryland, and Newfoundland, Miller has given numerous site tours, public presentations, and developed site and museum exhibits and interpretation. He also held internships and employment at Historic Deerfield, Historic St. Mary’s City, and the Colony of Avalon. Operating under the principle that objects retain a profound capacity to transfer meaning, Miller acknowledges the importance of historical documentation, structures, objects, and the landscape in forming a comprehensive and interesting historical narrative.
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