Kristin Bumiller
Kristin Bumiller is Professor of Political Science and Women’s and Gender Studies at Amherst College. Her scholarship has been centrally focused on issues of social exclusion, whether through the process of gender and racial discrimination, poverty, or violence. A common theme of her work is uncovering the incongruity between legal and social policies designed to protect the interests of disadvantaged people and their own desires for meaningful lives, empowerment, and greater personal freedom. Her first book, The Civil Rights Society, analyzed how antidiscrimination law may serve to reinforce the victimization of women and racial minorities. Her more recent work has focused on women's experiences with rape and domestic violence. She argues in her book forthcoming from Duke University Press, Criminalizing Sex, that the feminist movement became a partner in the unforeseen growth of a criminalized society; a phenomenon with negative consequences not only on minority and immigrant groups of men, but for women who are subject to scrutiny within the welfare state. Her course, Regulating Citizenship, is taught inside the Hampshire County House of Corrections and is composed of an equal number of Amherst and incarcerated students.
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