James J. Lopes
Jim Lopes is a board member at Mass Humanities and is an attorney specializing in media and entertainment business consulting and law practice. A cum laude graduate of Harvard College (English and American Literature) and Harvard Law School, Jim worked as Senior Vice President and General Counsel for CBS/Fox Video in New York City and then Vice President, Business Affairs and Associate General Counsel for the Reader's Digest Corporation before returning to his native New Bedford in 2003. He is Adjunct Professor of Entertainment Law at Southern New England School of Law and has been a researcher, writer and producer of numerous historical projects including The Boston Black Heritage Trail Guide (writer), We Light the World, a documentary about the Portuguese Crioulo whaling families of New Bedford (writer, producer), and Race to Execution (producer), a documentary about race and the death penalty (and the basis for the Mass Humanities-funded mini-documentary, Juror Number Six.) Jim is Vice President of Education and Programming at the New Bedford Whaling Museum.
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