Terri Unger and Lucy Busselle Myers
Terri began her career in photography in 1992, training with some of Boston's finest commercial and fine art photographers. Over the years her work has encompassed various aspects of the business including advertising, sports, fashion and editorial. In 1998 she began a portrait business and soon thereafter was awarded "Best Portrait Photographer" by Boston Magazine for her intimate and artistic approach to family portraiture. Most recently, Terri's interest in storytelling has been the driving force behind her work. She is currently working as a photojournalist on the North Shore and continues to make portraits and stories about people. Her work has appeared in local and national publications and has been exhibited on the walls of many public spaces. She lives with her two sons in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Lucy Busselle Myers graduated from Radcliffe College and taught secondary school English and Humanities for over 40 years. She was a Lucretia Crocker Fellow in 1979  1980, presenting a model unit, Women Writers of the Depression, in Massachusetts schools. She received the Massachusetts Teachers Award for Creative Leadership in Human Rights in 2001. An Associate of Amherst Writers and Artists, Lucy has facilitated creative writing workshops at Girls Inc. in Lynn, Massachusetts; the Ipswich Public Library, in Ipswich, Massachusetts; the Council on Aging, in Ipswich; Wellspring, in Gloucester, Massachusetts; Women in Transition in Salisbury, Massachusetts. She also edited Memories of Ipswich, a collection of writings by the Ipswich Council on Aging Writing Group.
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