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Claudia Lefko is an educator and longtime activist. She is the founding director (January 2001) of The Iraqi Children's Art Exchange, an independent project that uses art and art-inspired activities to put the well-being of children and their education at the top of the public agenda. Transcending barriers of language, culture and politics ICAE connects Iraqi and American youth, providing a platform for personal and community expression. ICAE has been involved in many small scale projects including exhibits at galleries, schools, hospitals and conferences and large scale projects including, school and hospital-based projects in Baghdad and in Amman Jordan. ICAE was included in the first-ever all-children's exhibit at KidSpace at MASS Moca, October 2006-February 2007. The first mural Jordan was one of five finalists in the international Free to Create Youth Prize in 2008., painted with Iraqi artist Thamer Dawood and Iraqi youth living in Amman.
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