Patrick Vitalone
Patrick is a startup technology professional from Boston currently living in San Francisco. He focuses on company growth into the US East Coast, Europe and the Middle East. He mainly writes on nationalism, business, and economics. His research has been featured on the BBC in the United Kingdom, as well as the History Channel in the US and Europe. Patrick has studied politics and nationalism since he was a young teenager, finding an early fascination in the rise of such French figures as Maximilien Robespierre and Napoleon Bonaparte. He is also very keen on the early American political disputes between the Federalists of his homeland and the Anti-Federalists of the Mid-Atlantic and South. He has a particular fondness for Alexander Hamilton. Patrick graduated with an MA in Modern European History from the University of York in the United Kingdom, writing on early nationalism in 19th c Britain, and how the British people defined themselves against others during international conflicts. You can contact Patrick on Twitter at @patrickvitalone, or by email at You may also find additional writing on his personal website at
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