John F. Sears
John F. Sears is an independent scholar who serves on the Hawley Historical Commission and the board of the Sons & Daughters of Hawley. As a Scholar-in-Residence under a grant to the S&D from MassHumanities, he researched the history of Hawley's old town common and is now serving as the consulting historian to the Rediscovering Hawley's Old Town Common project. He owns a home in Hawley's Pudding Hollow district. Sears is the author of _Sacred Places: American Tourist Attractions in the Nineteenth Century_ (Oxford, 1989; rpt. UMass Press 1998). Some of the other topics he has written about are: Robert Frost, Muir Woods and the American conservation movement, FDR and the Land, the painter Karl Bodmer, and New Harmony, Indiana and the Smithsonian Institution Castle. He is currently researching a book on Eleanor Roosevelt, Jewish refugees, the founding of Israel, and the Arabs.
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