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Achtung readers

posted by Michael Cimaomo


Welcome to the underground, the Northeast Underground that is, and yes, I just started my first blog post with a “Beverly Hillbillies” reference. And, much like a hidden cache of “Texas tea” I am here to bubble up from the depths from time to time in order to bring readers a glimpse of what is going on beneath the surface.

What this endeavor means to you dear audience member is a mix of album reviews, artist interviews, and concert coverage pertaining to music and events associated with the northeastern United States. While the main focus of this blog will be independent artists and music related to Western Massachusetts, I reserve the right to cover an ever-changing variety of genres as well as locations outside the Bay State and beyond. Hopefully, you will enjoy the material and possibly even join the discussion as well.

So visit frequently, comment often, and feel free to suggest additional artists and venues you would like to see covered. The purpose of this forum is entertainment after all. Or, like Oscar Wilde once wrote:

“Oh, pleasure, pleasure. What else should bring one anywhere?”

With any luck music will bring you here. And the fun will keep you coming back.

Let the games begin.

Comments (2)
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Welcome to the Advocate, I was a follower on your wordpress blog. I wish you the best of luck here and cannot wait for your upcoming work. You do some very good work.

Posted by Bensch on 1.14.11 at 7:22


Thanks for your continued support. By being connected with such a well-known institution as the Valley Advocate, my goal is to bring the same quality of material that I once made available through wordpress to an even larger audience. Hopefully, with contributions from readers like you this blog can turn into something special.


Where else can you go if you're already turned up to ten? In the words of Nigel Tufnel, "Eleven. Exactly. One louder."

If this blog ever needs that added push to send it over the cliff, I have no problem turning that volume knob up one more level. "It's one louder, isn't it? It's not ten."

Posted by MC on 1.14.11 at 13:39



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Achtung readers
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