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What Does a Feminist (Selfie) Look Like?

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

I’ve written about matters of toddler fashion on my little blog. What, I have wondered aloud, do feminist toddlers (and preschoolers and now maybe kindergartners) wear?

Next question: what happens when feminists turn the camera lens on themselves? Veronica Arreola wondered as much when she pondered reclamation of the “selife” not as an expression of vanity or posed perfection but with a feminist perspective. She took issue with a blanket statement that selfies are bad news. Simply interpreted: real women, as they are, are worth looking at.

You could read more all over the place, but I’d suggest reading her post first.

I shy away from #365-anything, ever since fifty thousand words later I lost so much sleep to NanoWriMo, the popular, annual November writing challenge. I shied away from this too, the #365FeministSelfie and even now, I do not feel terribly #365 about it. However, I do have to report that the idea—everyday life of everyday self-proclaimed feminists—is worth consideration feels right. And to my surprise, feels pretty. And I do always like to drop the word feminist. So, I’m in however I’m in and I’m snapping selfies with my camera, even if that technically isn’t a selfie (do you need a smart phone? My phone is limited).

Here’s how to add your photo to the overwhelming number of #365FeministSelfies on the Flickr group to date. And if you aren't on Flickr, just use the hashtag #365FeministSelfie every day on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You might just make an unexpected discovery about yourself.

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