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Tumbling from Summer

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Turns and bedtime do not go hand-in-hand. Both Saskia and Arella wanted to be first going up the stairs to hear Saskia’s bedtime stories. They sat miserably just below the landing. I tried turns. No dice.

“Would you each like a cookie?” I asked. “And do you think you could be kitties? Kitties like cookies, right? Then, why don’t you crawl up the stairs talking kitty talk to one another?”



This week pulled us from triumphant returns at summer’s end into the first days of school for all four kids. Saskia enjoyed her long days at Sunnyside and both the high school and middle school returnees fit right back into their respective schools with ease—and many new school supplies. In case you ever wondered, shopping in a one-two punch kinda way at Staples followed by Michael’s (craft-supply-and-excess-stupid-plastic-junk-store) is a soul-crushing exercise. I did it on Wednesday evening. I hope never to have to repeat that particular course.

The third grader was nervous and mad, then relieved, then nervous again each morning. After school he was relaxed and reported each school day “fun.” The warmth of the school community is pretty much infectious and his parents feel as if they’ve landed into the embrace of an entire community. Obviously, there’s some more adjusting ahead for all. He’d very much like a friend. We noted he was already playing chess (requires a second player) and was chatting with another kid leaving the all-school welcoming on Friday morning.

Arella went to Seattle for her cousin’s bat mitzvah. She took the red eye overnight Monday and arrived at Tuesday Market like a person who took the red eye (and gets to ride in strollers).


Speaking of sleepy, the elder teen tagged along for restorative yoga on Friday. He got into the first posture—and never moved again the entire class. We are hoping it’s high-octane sleep, that.

The tally so far is two days of school, and two days of getting up and out on time. Thank you, Clocky. So far, I prefer tenth grade to ninth.


In the vein of clutter and clear out, I’ve moved a good ten bags of kids’ clothing this week and gotten the puzzles and games on the front hallway shelves less over-full. Knowing other people are enjoying stuff that gathered dust in our house is a good feeling. I’ve found a site to mine and a product to consider this week (site sighting courtesy of my friend Jennifer).

Beyond home, a little work project at Hampshire College this week and a little work planning a pie contest to raise money for doubling SNAP (food stamp) benefits at Tuesday Market. If you want, bake a pie for September 13th—and regardless of making pie, please come eat some pie for a good cause. Pie and food accessibility, you can’t really go wrong with that combination.

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