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Quick Reflection Upon Working at Home

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

One of the unfortunate events that took place this weekend was a toilet overflow (and not the first). Rather than delve into the mucky details (our house and sewage issues are not on friendly terms at present), I’ll just get to the upshot: we are getting a new and more reliable toilet. And since there’s a toilet water running issue in another toilet (this one in the decades’ old before water consumption was a conscious concern), we’re going for the twofer.

As my mama would say, “It’s always something Roseanne Roseannadanna.”

We had the dishwasher repaired just last week.


The upside of working at home is that I can be on hand when dishwashers and toilets leak (likely, I am around for such… events). The downside is that I can become preoccupied by leaks or the fact that I have four baskets heaped with laundry to put away. At the same time, I can forget to jot down that the second grade is celebrating Earth Day with a potluck (bring something with at least one local ingredient) and the item the second grader requested of his mama was a loaf of apple bread (local=apples). Of course it so happened that I had a dinner meeting out.

So, at later-than-I-planned o’clock, I was making apple bread (local eggs, too, and pretty local flour).


In the morning, first question from my second grader was, “Did you make apple bread?”

When I nodded yes, he smiled, broadly. File under: work/life balance.

Comments (6)
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File under: yummy.

Posted by Kurt Heidinger on 4.26.11 at 15:42

You will probably be surprised (and hopefully not creped out) to know that I often think of you whem I am folding laundry. "How does she do it?", I wonder, and I inventory the possibilities of my friends with large-ish families.

Posted by susan rees on 4.26.11 at 17:36

Having you remind me of the beautiful and brilliant Gilda Radner-- made me laugh and cry, both. A Jewish woman who I still miss-- often. Glad you made the beautiful apple bread despite all the leak management. xo

Posted by laurawrites1 on 4.27.11 at 13:45

She really rocked, didn't she? I'd kind of forgotten how much.

It was the tastiest of apple breads, too.

Posted by Sarah B on 4.28.11 at 17:54

Thanks for the link to one of my all-time favorite comediennes...such a loss...more of her in a terrific film put out by the Jewish Women's Archive called "Making Trouble" about 3 generations of funny Jewish women. Available at www.makingtrouble.com.

Posted by randiek on 5.2.11 at 10:36

Must see the film!

Posted by Sarah B on 5.2.11 at 12:47



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