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Happy Two Years Standing in the Shadows

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Two years ago today marks my inaugural Standing in the Shadows post; I went back to find it for you (here). Happy blog-o-versary to me!

I so had no idea what I was getting myself into two years ago. I’ve spent way more time on this blog than I imagined I would, the writing of essays and posts and the figuring out of images and self-promotion, the connections to a whole cadre of blogging pals (go check out my blogroll), and circuitously getting to do things like I’m doing today (I’m a witness at a giant community cloth diaper change, for Earth Day) and also raising monies for the National Network of Abortion Funds (as a virtual bowler-slash-blogger, both this year and last and I’m not so far from my goal, so if you want to support access to abortion, join my “team” by donating).


I wish I had some real sum-it-all up thing to say. But I really don’t. This is one of those weeks that’s kind of zooming by and feeling slow-as-molasses all at once. The little one’s illness (Rotovirus, more aptly called puke bug) required a lot of literal holding of miserable child. Life’s ups and downs—(a homework assignment for the second grader that wasn’t “good enough” conveniently providing fodder for a meltdown the morning of the puppet show for the sixth grade pen pals) and a trip-turned-movie-and-dinner and such—kept me on my compassionate parenting toes. We even went on a family road trip to Jamaica Plain to see the adorable nephew, with timing that let us help his laid up mama (my sis). Waking up this morning to a wee bit of… snow?

I mean, being right in the thick of it, that’s what blogging captures best. It’s elliptical, rather than conclusive. That’s why it suits me.


The really most important thing to say this morning: Thank you. Readers—those who comment, those who don’t, those who pass something I wrote onward—I am really appreciative to you all.

Comments (7)
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He's adorable, and happy blogaversary!

Posted by jzzy55 on 4.23.11 at 12:57

Hooray for you, delicious cupcakes, and adorable babies! I can authentically say that I'm grateful to know you and your words! XO

Posted by Galit on 4.23.11 at 20:03

Happy Anniversary! You were the one who inspired me to blog. Yep, it takes time but it is so worth it, don't you think? So much love is shared in the blogosphere. I never knew that would happen. Thank you!!

Posted by Molly Monet on 4.23.11 at 20:46

Happy Two Years Sarah! You write so beautifully and eloquently about such important issues. It has been rewarding to follow you.

Posted by Carolflowerhillfarm on 4.24.11 at 20:15


Posted by Sarah B on 4.25.11 at 6:24

Happy Blogoversary to you. I mean really. I love having this blog to go to when I need a laugh, a thought, another mom. Glad you linger and toil with this-- I certainly rely on it often.


Posted by laurawrites1 on 4.27.11 at 13:49

Yay, Sarah! Have loved reading about your emergence (writerly), emergents (kids) and emergencies (combo of both +)!

Posted by Kurt Heidinger on 6.1.11 at 8:02



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