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posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Here’s one truth about being three (three fingers, words enunciated very clearly): it’s more complicated than being two.


You want to be a big gu-url. You want to be a baby (before we knew such a teeny-tiny guy as Declan, baby Millie). You pinch (hit, bite) sometimes. You are not a mean girl yet you do not always act nicely.

You have all kinds of ideas about what you want to do and when you want to do those things (now) and how (your way).

Life doesn’t always go the way you hoped.


When you do hurt someone, you sometimes feel pretty badly (not always). Pretty often, though, you do feel badly.

Comments (5)
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Sarah, these words make me realize how much three year old I still have in me...

How hard it is to not get my way in my time. And the eternal struggle between being cared for versus caring for others.

35 going on three...

Posted by HIlary on 4.12.11 at 11:16

I am not completely sure of the connection you are making but I love this post. We really need to write more about what it is like being very young. I think it is even harder to be three than what you wrote here. And, though I am not sure I totally got the connection, I loved Harold and Maude so much and that Cat Stevens song too.

Posted by laurawrites1 on 4.12.11 at 15:39

Really, the song just popped into my head & the sense of Trouble being kind of pervasive sometimes.

Totally agreed: being young is not always as easy as we decide it must be in retrospect!

Posted by Sarah B on 4.12.11 at 16:34

I never got that thing about childhood being easy--now I'm getting to think quite a lot about how hard it is to be a baby.

Posted by susiebook on 4.12.11 at 19:19

It's amazing how big an endeavor the whole digestion thing really is.

Posted by Sarah B on 4.12.11 at 19:45



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