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Sweeten the World

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

This is the true order of how things happened: I’d been meaning and wanting to make a batch, even a small one, of peach jam. It was a missing link in my jamming season.

But then… you know, I just couldn’t quite put together peaches, lemon or lime, and my energy in the same kitchen at the right moment. And, as I have a pantry filled with lovely new, Pantone-worthy jam jars filled with some of the prettiest hues ever, I kind of thought so be it.

And then, I read this quote on a card that came with a jar of jelly from the Cape friends gave my dear hubs as a thank you after he did them an office neighborly kindness (I know this because it’s on the card):

It is a wonderful thing to Sweeten the world, which is in a Jam and needs Preserving … T.W. Burgess

Yes, I bought limes and peeled and cut up the end-of-season peaches. The end of peaches, the turn to autumn, the New Year 5775, which is just a hot number if nothing else, and a time to reflect if you so choose came together in these four jars. They contain all my best wishes for this world, this coming year. I am not kidding. Also, I used two limes plus zest, so there is nothing cloying about this batch of jam. Cloying does not belong in the world—or my life—maybe ever, but most certainly not now.

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