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In Threes

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

I had for a long while a habit of three things to tell you about along with a statement of three good things, because gratitude is a skill and when cultivated, I believe works to our advantage. Plus, there’s really so much that’s good, even sometimes when life feels all lemony and not so lemonade-y.

So, three things to tell you about are these:

My wonderful friend Jennifer Bryan of Team Finch Consultants does amazing work in to help schools take on issues of gender and sexuality and diversity in ways that support every single person in the building better. Right now, she has a survey she needs some folks to fill out. Can you help? PS: you can also read her blog and you can follow her on Twitter.

Another wonderful friend, mom of a preschool age boy, didn’t just complain when she noted how the blue aisle toys discouraged boys from the chance to play and nurture a little pal, she dreamt up a solution and has launched the website for her forthcoming Wonder Crew. This is a sneak peek. You can like Wonder Crew on Facebook.

Lastly, for locals, the amazingly talented and super fun Jarrett J. Krosoczka is responsible for the holiday window at Essentials. He had some wonderful help from his studio team, which included his young daughters! FUN. I cannot get a photo to upload so for now, go there and next blog post I hope to include a photo!

Three good things for me this week include the incredible support and humor shared by my online writers’ group—and I predict this essay by Sara Bir will speak to most every mom I call my friend. I graduated from I-can-only-take-Kay’s-spin-class to handling a substitute. What might happen next? I like spinning, although the seats and the toe clips remain a tiny bit vexing. And, lastly, I have been reminded through some volunteer work over the past few weeks that when you work well with others, you feel good about what you’re doing. It’s a life lesson, that.

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