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Poll: Yes to Casino Repeal Vote; Yes to Casinos

posted by Maureen Turner

Last summer, Springfield voters indicated, by a split of 58 to 42 percent, their approval of MGM’s proposed South End casino.

But should all Massachusetts voters get a say on whether casinos come to the commonwealth? According to a new poll from WBUR and MassInc., 52 percent of respondents (from a pool of 504 likely voters) think a question seeking to repeal the state’s casino law should go before voters statewide, while 39 percent said it shouldn’t. Right now, the matter is before the Supreme Judicial Court, which recently heard arguments in a case over whether the question can go on the ballot.

If the question does make it to the ballot, the law would stand, at least according to this poll’s result: 49 percent of respondents said they approve of casinos in Massachusetts, while 39 percent don’t.

The results also show that many respondents don’t have much faith in the body created to award casino licenses: 52 percent told pollsters they have “not too much” confidence or “none at all” in the Mass. Gaming Commission. Thirty-nine percent said they have “a great deal” or “a fair amount” of faith in the MGC.

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