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The Parading Dead

posted by Maureen Turner

Listen, I don’t quite get the whole zombie mania; give me a moody, tortured werewolf any day.

But the people have spoken, and they love their spooky guys with decaying flesh and a taste for brains. If you’re on board with the whole zombie thing, check out tomorrow’s downtown Zombie Walk, brought to you by the Springfield BID.

The walk (really, probably more of a stagger) begins at 3 p.m. at Stearns Square and ends at Court Square, where organizers promise food, music and (gulp) “zombie-related games.” Participants are invited to dress like zombies and will get discounts at downtown restaurants. And just to show that the walking dead aren’t all bad, attendees are asked to bring cans of zombie blood (a.k.a. tomato sauce), which will be donated to Friends of the Homeless.

Click here for more details—and here for a list of even more upcoming zombie events throughout the Valley.

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The Parading Dead
Viva la revolución
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