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Blast From the Past (With Cosby Sweater)

posted by Maureen Turner

One sign that I’ve been writing about Springfield for a long time: the number of things I’ve forgotten about.

Like, for instance, Dan Yorke’s nightly t.v. talk show, which ran on Channel 40 back in the 1990s. So I was thrilled to read this reminiscence, by my pal Tom Devine, about Yorke’s program, complete with some still shots from the show.

I don’t know which image tickles me most: Yorke, circa 1992, resplendent in suspenders and a mustache? Devine, himself a frequent guest and substitute host for the show, in what can only be described as a Cosby sweater? No, it’s probably the shot of the decidedly non-establishment Devine looking almost establishment in a suit and big old thick necktie.

Yorke, of course, was also a long-time talk-radio fixture in the Valley before heading to Providence in 1999 (really, has it been that long?), where he hosts a show on WPRO.

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