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posted by Maureen Turner

"There are many sound reasons why Senator Scott Brown should be elected over Elizabeth Warren,” my friend Tom Devine recently wrote on his blog, The Valleyist.

I will respectfully disagree. But boy, even the most devout Warrenite’s heart would stop for a moment to see the photo Devine posted to accompany that statement: Warren posing with a smiling former Springfield Mayor Mike Albano.

(By the way, is it just me, or does Albano look especially smug in the photo? Like perhaps he’s thinking: “Ha! Take that, you lousy Valley Advocate pissants! You’ve beat up on me for years, and here I still stand, having my picture taking with Elizabeth Warren, like the Very Important Person I am!”? OK, maybe it is just me.)

“[I]f a candidate can be judged by the company they keep then this picture suggests that Brown deserves to win by a landslide,” Devine writes.

I couldn’t resist forwarding Devine’s post to another of my Springfield blogger pals, Western Mass Politics and Insight writer and Warren fan Matt Szafranski, who responded, “ If politicians were held accountable for random poses, nobody would get elected.” He also pointed out that Brown’s own photo album has some pretty questionable images, too, such as shots of the senator smiling alongside leaders of the anti-gay group MassResistance.

Comments (5)
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Hmm. Although progressives find the notion revolting, being "anti-gay" is not equivalent to being politically corrupt. So the Brown-MR photo is sort of an "inside joke" to progressives. The Albano-Warren photo, on the other hand, crosses idealogical lines. *Everyone* finds that photo offensive.

Ha! `:-0

Posted by Bill Dusty on 7.23.12 at 12:53

Bill, surely finding bigotry revolting isn't just a "progressive thing."

Posted by M. Turner on 7.24.12 at 5:40

That's the problem Maureen, to conservatives, being anti-gay is not bigotry. Frankly, as much as I despise Albano for his smug small city curruption, I believe denying the basic civil rights such as the ability to visit a partner in the hospital or to receive death benefits when a partner dies to millions of law abiding, tax paying Americans to be a much bigger crime. But that's not bigotry because the Bible says it's wrong.


Talk about corruption.

Posted by SnarkyMcSnark on 7.26.12 at 6:56

No. Being anti-Gay is equivelant to being morally and ethically corrupt.

Posted by tiedyeguy on 7.26.12 at 9:50

Matt Szafranski has it right. Tommy Devine should stop masturbating to Scott Brown's 1982 Cosmo centerfold so he can clear his brain and accept the fact that politics forces candidates to glad-hand with those they may not share the same views with. And to be photographed with! What does Tommy think of his heartthrob posing with anti-gay activists?

The centerfold reference and the leaders of MassResistance aside, I'm sure there are photos of Scott Brown posing with someone he may NOT agree with, politically or socially speaking. Charlie Ryan, perhaps? Speaking of former Springfield mayors. Ryan is on record recently endorsing Brown (, doesn't he have political views that could alienate Brown supporters?

Yet all that doesn't matter. Believe it or not, Pioneer Valley residents, the rest of Massachusetts doesn't know, nor care, who Albano or Ryan are, or what they did. Warren and Brown are running for the US Senate, not the Springfield School Committee.

Posted by CD Griff on 10.14.12 at 1:00



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