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Nai Kete and Jesse Sterling Harrison

posted by James Heflin

Here are two new reviews by Lee Taylor. -JH

Nai Keté

Sweet Music

You can sense Nai Keté'scomfort in front of a microphone--she’s been singing since the age of one. Keté’s barefoot brand of R&B is elusive, weaving through tiers of pop and reggae. She sings, “You’re a prisoner in your own right,” on “Prisoner,” offering politically charged reggae. I felt like I was seeing Keté playing a college crowd, jamming out to a bunch of hackie sackers on the grass with her guitar.

Jesse Sterling Harrison

Jackhammer Soul

Jesse Sterling Harrison has made several home-recorded albums, and Jackhammer Soul has the feel of someone plugging in the guitar and ripping out a few licks at the end of a workday. He plays to his influences on songs like “On a War” which chugs and buzzes like early ’90s Neil Young. It’s a fun and gritty batch of songs with few inhibitions.

--Lee Taylor
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