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Gun Control: Homicides, Suicides, Accidents; Raccoon Man for Governor!

posted by James Heflin

Back in the saddle after a mad round of holiday, family, friends, birthdays, and such. Been a good December.

Since my most faithtful reader needs a place for his orphan comment, here's a subject to which his commentary might appropriately be appended.

Long story short, here's the question that link raises. Let's say for argument's sake said reader is right, and that an increase in gun carriers means lower incidence of homicide.

It also inevitably increases incidents like that linked above, in which someone showed off his gun in a restaurant and ended up shooting himself and his friend. Accidental shooting injuries and deaths happen with regularity.

How do those numbers play out? At what level of decrease in homicides (the domain of many a study with many a conclusion) does that decrease outweigh an increase in accidental shootings and gun suicides?

Now back to deadlines...

ADDITIONAL: This may be the best campaign video I have ever seen. The apple bit is pure genius. I hope. Mr. "Coonrippy" Brown, if you don't know, previously achieved Internet fame for video of him dancing with his pet raccoon.

Comments (1)
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A federal judge ruled on Monday that Chicago’s law banning the sale of guns within the city is unconstitutional and “goes too far” in restricting gun rights. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, which, critics of the city’s policies point out, have had little effect in reducing its gun violence.

Posted by NRA4Ever on 1.6.14 at 17:12



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