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A conference beneath the mizzenmast

posted by James Heflin

The Internet has spawned some major irritants, but none so irritating as yesterday's "International Talk Like A Pirate Day," in which people who think they're funny post things like "Yar, Matey!" and wait for you to do the same in return to create one big chucklefest. You can ignore them, but then they do it again the next year, as if you've forgotten about pirate cliches and will now find them as uproariously funny as the first thousand times you heard them.

But yesterday's installment did bring around the posting of a pretty amazing photo from several years back. I still won't give Obama a break for all the civil liberties destruction, but at least he knows how to talk to a pirate. Or is it just that bankers dress that way now?

ADDITIONAL: Fox and Drudge have claimed this was a photo of what Obama was doing instead of meeting with Bejamin Netanyahu. But, as noted, this is several years old. I guess facts shouldn't stand in the way of a good story.

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