Wednesday, August 27, 2008 • 12:00 AM Comments (2)

Getting some Zs--two of them, to be precise

posted by James Heflin

Last night three of the fine fellows of the Local Buzz teamed up with some of us Advocate types (Tom Sturm and Kendra Thurlow plus me) to be ZZ Top for Transperformance. I've never had so much fun in a fake beard. After spending the last several years playing Gypsy jazz a la Django Reinhardt (well, except for recent stints doing rockabilly with the Econoline Kings and solo shows as Led Heflin), it seems my rock and roll muscles needed some flexing. So it felt pretty darn good to stretch out with a slide solo on "Tush" while throwing around a beard that was a fair bit larger and furrier than my dog.

The local media mafia joining forces turned out to be a swell idea. And hey--Josh Thayer, Bill Peters, and Greg Saulmon?--dudes can play. ZZ Top rocked the house last night.

Greg wrapped up the evening well, saying something along the lines of "I never thought it would be so hard to play guitar wearing a fake beard." True dat. (But he rocked like a madman anyway.)

I hope next year (or heck, next month) brings more Vuzz!

Here's (l to r) yours truly, Josh Thayer and Tom Sturm making an attempt at choreography.

Rick Thayer photo

Comments (2)
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It was a blast, indeed, fellas. I too wish we had played a little later, but I also think if the BSO had set up off to the side rather than right directly in front of the stage, more people would have come closer. I felt like we were playing to the backs of the orchestra's heads and everyone else was way off in the distance. Here's to more of The Vuzz in the non-too-distant future!
Posted by JoshuaT on 8.27.08 at 15:49
News aint that stale around there is it? ... Good work on the choreography..yall had your Geetars pointed in the right direction.
Posted by Mike Beardless on 9.2.08 at 22:50



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