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Chapter Five of CAGE AND CLASP!!! the romance/suspense novel I & jake is writing to help weather these rocky waves of the economy.

posted by Frank Dodge

Cage (that is Jake backwards by the way) was getting real nervous where he was hiding under the floorboards of the rocketship. Simone said she wld come get him but it had been a long time... too long! And it was real quiet... too quiet!

Then he heard a scraping sound below him. He was lying on his back & it came from just under his right sholder. At first he thot it was a rat... a space rat! (I shld probly say that I am the one who put in the dot-dot-dot parts. Jake had not actually wrote those parts but they are the best parts in this chapter, until the end when Simone saves Cage but you have not got to that part yet) Then he thot maybe it was a snake... a space snake! Then he thot it was probly cockroaches... space cockroaches!

But it was not any of those things b/c then he heard someone knocking right near his head & then the floor where he was lying on suddenly gave way & he fell down backwards into the dark, like the floor had just gave way beneath him, which is exactly what happend!

He reached up to grab hold of something to keep from falling b/c he was sure he was being flushed out of the CLASP spaceship, like he was discovered by Dr. Horton, Cage's old nemesis from when he was investigating the Canadian Gun Control Ray up in Nova Scotia & who was obviously the brainiac madman behind CLASP's evil Health Care Ray the Canadians were going to put on Mars. When the floor gave way Cage figured Simone was a quadruple of even a septuple agent & had told Dr. Horton Cage was onboard & Dr. Horton was disposing of him just the way you dispose of space trash!

Cage knew his time on earth was done. He knew this even tho he was not on earth anymore b/c he was in space.

But then he fell backwards & landed on something soft! What was it? It was pillows! And then there was a bright flash of light. A real small one, like a match getting lit. Yes, it was a match! And a candle! And what did he smell? Was that roses? Pumpkin pie? Yes! And who was that in a skimpy space nightgown? Was it Dr. Horton? No! Was it Lt. Lou Tenant? No! Was it Canadas Commisioner of Health Care, the evil Philip Larioux? No!

It was Simone!

She had saved him by hiding him from his nemesises by keeping him hid in the secret compartement between the upstairs hallway floor & her space bedroom!

She said, "Cage, I am glad you are here. Dr. Horton is going to install a Health Care Ray on Mars, and he his going to turn it on every country on Earth! If he is succesful, the Canadian health care system will take over the world!"

Cage grabbed for a feather pillow what floated up above his head b/c they had suddenly entered zero gravity. "I know, Simone. That is why I am here. Only I can stop Dr. Horton."

"Yes, Cage. Only a man as handsome & strong & smart as you can defeat Dr. Horton." She floated close to him. Their eyes locked. Then so did the rest of them & they did all kinds of things you can only do in zero gravity (this is the romantic part. I told Jake that there shld be more here but he said the romantic parts are real hard to write & anyway people have imaginations & if we just say "this is the romantic part" they will know what happens & that way we do not have to write it.)

Then they were floating around the room afterwards (jake also says so long as we put in words like "afterwards" people will what went on) & Cage & Simone were looking out the window when suddenly the zero gravity stopped & they fell onto the floor. Cage looked out the window. Simone pointed at what he was looking at, b/c she saw it too.

It was a asteroid! And it was coming straight at them!

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