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Stuff for Three Plus Santa

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

The spirit of Valley Gives last week blew me away. Our Valley gave over two million dollars in twenty-four hours. That merits something. Applause? Cheers? Awe? Check, check, and check—and then some.

The spirit not so much of Christmas proper although it’s a Christmas show but of holiday wacky warm fun is on tap at Northampton High School this coming weekend: Friday at seven and Saturday at ten-thirty and one go see the Adventures of Santa Claus, as presented by Paintbox Theatre. I promise it’s awesome (locals) and a dollar from each ticket sale goes to the Northampton Education Foundation.

Three to share: loving that I could, on a mucky afternoon, go on the website for my favorite local shop, Essentials, and figure out some holiday gifts. Spoiler: customized rubber stamp (total cuteness).

Undeniably enamored by our adorable pottery made locally by Abby Berkson. The animals are fetching; the shape of her bowls so pleasing.

While not feeling terribly interested in much “stuff” I do find myself a wee bit obsessed with Emily Amey’s rings (Kestrel has them). This last year has certainly been the add-on rings and necklaces year.

Grateful: for friends, for family, for community so generous in so many ways. On this frigid yet rosy-skied morning that’s all I’ve got. Stay warm.




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