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Bow to Summer

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Three random things on a Wednesday that has me rushing:

I mostly think I’m on Facebook for the access to adorable photos of everyone’s babies. This week, I had to expand my thinking. I believe I ‘liked’ every single first day of school photo I came across—and there were loads and loads of them. I was a sentimental mushball, crowing over the cuteness or the bigness or the back-to-schoolness. Last week, during back-to-school take one, I put the younger kids’ photos up (but will include again). I did not attempt to photograph the senior. I caught the sophomore on his way out of the house.

Over the weekend, I mulled an existential question about the official end of summer: if your kids start school before Labor Day, then when does summer officially end in your book?

You could insert a question about Syria now. I have many. Like so many others, I’m too upset to form one reasonable or articulate question, even.

Second random thing is that the sun is out. We had a slew of grey mornings and it’s just gorgeous. I have what I think is a mindfulness practice every morning over on Twitter, which is that I write a description of the morning #Sky.

The obvious question that follows this last statement is can you have a mindfulness practice that employs social media? I’ll allow people that spend more time contemplating mindfulness to answer. I really love my turn to the sky practice, that much I know.

Grateful for the fact that it is, it turns out, that easy to find moments; grateful for the all-four-in-school idea and grateful still for my zippy and sparkly red toes. It’s like having summer carry through.

I did want to share a wonderful essay from Modern Love about parenthood unbidden through the foster care system. Also, my latest for Brain Child’s Brain Mother blog is up, about sharing the kindergarten photo. Lastly, a dear friend of my mother whom I’m glad to have said was, independently, a friend of mine passed away this past week and the first piece of writing about her by Dominique Browning was really beautiful so I am sharing it, via her Slow Love Life blog.

I have not mentioned that the Zestar apples are back. Third, not at all random thing is to wish everyone a sweet new year.

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