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Still a big deal to own a gun...

posted by James Heflin

In contrast to the last post, here's the story of a teenager sneaking into the neighbor's house by accident instead of his own and getting shot as an intruder.

How this story gets interpreted is something, I'll maintain, that's likely to vary widely. I think any sober gun discussion ought to include this kind of outcome as well as the successful outcome of the last post. Both are important, and easy answers are not apparent beyond the very clear fact that a gun raises the stakes in any situation, for better or worse.

I'll only say that last graf of the last post seems operative here. Here 'tis again, since our blog posts show up on separate pages:

How many situations like this happen every day, to all kinds of people? How many variations play out? Some perpetrators have guns; some interveners have them; some victims have them. The complexities and sudden turns of such situations mean, I contend, that sometimes a gun is an advantage, and sometimes it means innocent people get shot.

Comments (3)
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So for the second post in a row you are saying guns can be good but also be bad. What is your point????????????????????????????????????????

Posted by k on 3.22.13 at 9:18


How would you respond to the fact that DC gun crime dropped 25% after they LIFTED their gun ban?

How would you respond to Chicago having gun crime off the charts while they have some of the strictest gun laws (where they are incidentally last in the nation at enforcing)?

Add to that that I would challenge you to provide evidence that concealed carry laws cause a crime increase and we are left with little to rationally argue about.

Is it all emotional for you? (ie Guns are scary)

Posted by Ben on 3.26.13 at 6:40

When Hef gets challenged with facts he moves on to a new blog post.

Posted by k on 3.28.13 at 15:44



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