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Officially a Handful

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

One… two… three… four… FIVE!

Saskia is oh-so-ready to be five. No doubt that she’ll put her entire self into five, frontwards, backwards, twirling, right side up and upside down. I imagine our main task will be to watch her rock it.

Our minor task will be continued work on more peaceful bedtimes that don’t take up the entire evening.

She’s such a spirited, sweet, sassy, strong and sparkling person. I am pretty much in awe of her. The way I always seem to feel on her birthday is hyperaware of how much luck—or fate or whatever you will, kismet—surrounds the circumstances of our being family. I can’t believe—I’ll never be able to fully grasp—the incredible gift bestowed upon our family by her mama. There happen to be two.

Adoption is many things and different things to different people. For me, along with whatever else enters the jumble of it is the abundance of love that gives Saskia such strong roots. I am beyond grateful.

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