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Threat Deterred!

posted by James Heflin

Mark Roessler's solution to the (no doubt many) threats on Obama's life on this inauguration day: "Maybe the president should have a gun?"

The photo opps alone boggle the mind.

Comments (3)
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Is this intentionally ironic? Guns are protecting the president. What's your point?

Posted by k on 1.21.13 at 15:34

I get it. Guns aren't the answer when it comes to defense.... which is why the president is surrounded by armed men and his kids go to a school guarded by armed security.

Posted by k on 1.22.13 at 13:22

Kev - If his current protection was unarmed men you would be absolutely right! An armed and trained person with a gun can better protect him or herself than a person without a gun. Thanks for proving my point.

Better than your current concept, let's see if I have it right.

Shooters can have a field day in schools and other "gun free" aka mass shooting zones because no one is allowed to be armed. To correct we should increase our efforts to make sure there's no chance anyone has a gun in those areas, therefore ensuring ongoing carnage every time a nut grabs a couple guns (they WILL find a way to get them) and decides to take out innocents before committing suicide.

great - plan.

Posted by k on 1.22.13 at 13:42



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