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Closer to Fine

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

Yesterday was a jumble of frustration and good feelings. Frustration came in the form of a little girl home from school, because she didn’t feel well in the early morning. Of course, by the afternoon she was fine. She was antsy. She was very, very loud. Before that, she was calm but needy. I had work to do. You sense where frustration comes in. Throughout the day, I contemplated the lack of progress my little town has made to get the high school to start later than 7:30 AM.

I am writing this at 6:56 AM and my junior isn’t up yet and will want a shower. I won’t even go there. Homeschooling looks good to me, at least until 8:30 or 9:00.

To watch a little person learning to write letters put them together—with help in the form of being given the words on a separate sheet to copy down—is about as sweet as it gets. She made a birthday note for a beloved babysitter and YOU LOVE I will go down as one of my favorite phrases pretty much ever.

Also? I worked out and watched Nashville. My only frustration with the show is that now I have to wait until January to see what happens next.

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