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A delicious SOPA/PIPA replacement

posted by James Heflin

All this talk of SOPA/PIPA got me thinking. I'm announcing SOPA/PILLA, requiring every household to stock supplies for at least five days' worth of delicious sopapillas*. They taste divine, if a tad heavy, and don't impede your rights.

*I've come to realize, if only lately, that sopapillas are apparently only eaten (in the U.S.) in Texas and New Mexico (and maybe Arizona and California?). So if you need a primer, visit here or better yet, here.

And it's also important to know that Texas boasts a chain called Pancho's that serves less-than-ideal Mexican food. The best feature of any Pancho's visit is the ability to raise small Mexican flags at your table to bring a waiter over so you can order more food (it's all you can eat of oil-soaked spicy goodness). Many is the flag I have raised for another basket of delicious sopapillas to puncture with a squeeze bottle and fill with honey. I think all Americans should enjoy this right.

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Great post! I knew I wasn't the only one to conjure thoughts of a "tast devine" while confusing readings of SOPA/ PIPA with SOPAPILLA. Plus, thanks to my connection to New Mexico I am already well-acquainted with the power a squeeze bottle of honey can have on one of these tasty treats. Sign me up for my five-days now.

Posted by MC on 1.31.12 at 16:59



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