Sunday, September 11, 2011 • 8:11 AM Comments (5)

Bluest Skies

posted by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser

How could a day with such blue skies be so horrifying?

Ten years, two wars, and here two more children later, I still believe in peace and I still believe peace is not the opposite of war; peace is about learning to nurture compassion. It’s about helping one another rise up. Caring about one another, that’s the only thing we’ve really got.

Comments (5)
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Posted by randiek on 9.11.11 at 9:02

Beautiful. May we ALL hold hands.

Posted by Lorraine on 9.11.11 at 12:57

In these next ten years, maybe we will?

Posted by Sarah B on 9.12.11 at 21:48

Chapter two: The next ten years: It is time to use what happened for good now.

Posted by Emily Marbach on 9.15.11 at 7:42

I like your definition of peace, because I don't really think the other kind- the opposite of war kind- really exists. Of course our country will not (hopefully) always be officially at war, but there is always a struggle going on in the world, people that are being prosecuted, and even within our own country, people that are struggling in various states of conflict (with themselves, nature, society, laws....). I think conflict is actually a more natural state for all life (other species and organisms too) than rest or peace is. So in this context, compassion and caring about one another is even that much more important.

Posted by SarahH on 9.18.11 at 11:03



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