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And We're Off!

posted by Maureen Turner

After months of rumors, it looks like City Council President Jose Tosado will officially announce his plans to run for mayor this afternoon.

An email sent to members of the media by Tosado’s longtime friend (and new mayoral campaign manager?) Jorge Castellano says that the presumed candidate will “announce his plans about a Mayoral campaign” at an event at 4:15 this afternoon, at Champion’s sports bar on Main Street in downtown Springfield. (Champions is a somewhat surprising location for such an event; typically, campaign announcements take place in such tried-and-true spots as St. Anthony’s Social Hall, or the John Boyle O’Reilly club, or even staid settings like Symphony Hall or the steps of City Hall. Perhaps this means the Tosado campaign will be a particularly festive one?)

In a wonderfully bets-hedging article on, Springfield Republican reporter Pete Goonan writes that “speculation is strong that Tosado will be a candidate.” Among the evidence Goonan cites: a mock-up campaign poster, already on Facebook, featuring the Council president’s photo and the words “Tosado for Mayor.”

Incumbent Mayor Domenic Sarno has indicated he plans to run for re-election this year. Will any other candidates step forward in the coming months? Who would you like to see on that list?

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