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Ski shop

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Adventure Outfitters

451 Russell St. (Rte. 9)
Hadley, MA
(413) 253-5500
See Best Place to Buy a Canoe/Kayak
Also won: 1st place Place to buy a canoe/kayak
1st place Outdoor gear/camping store
2nd place
Competitive Edge
500 Northampton St. (Rte. 5)
Holyoke, MA
(413) 538-7662

612 North Main St.
East Longmeadow, MA
(413) 737-7495
Also won: 3rd place, Snowboard shop
3rd place
Ski Haus
16 Shaker Rd.
East Longmeadow, MA
(413) 525-6633

2006 Boston Rd.
Wilbraham, MA
(413) 543-4980
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