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Local radio personality

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Monte Belmonte

Ask Monte why he’s so darned beloved to Valley radio listeners and instead he’ll offer a long and thoughtful analysis of the role his station plays in the region: as an “on-air gathering place for political thoughts and ideas, as well as arts and culture in the Valley,” and as an ardent supporter of local musicians, local causes (like the Cancer Connection and the Food Bank), local events (like the insanely popular Meltdown kids’ music and book fest), and local businesses (including staging “cash mobs” to infuse some welcome capital into local shops and restaurants). Then he’ll talk a bit about the great staff he gets to work with, the dedicated listeners, his excitement over the company’s new Top 40 station, Hits 94.3. And when he finally talks about himself, it’s with a healthy dose of the humor and humility that come through when he’s on air: “I guess my own personal secrets to success are to stay curious, try to maintain a sense of wonderment, don’t be afraid to exploit your family, and institutionalize a wine-tasting segment into your week. … I love being a part of keeping the Valley different.”
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3rd: Steve Nagle
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