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Store for wine selection

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Table & Vine

1119 Riverdale St.
West Springfield, MA
(413) 736-4694
At Table and Vine, now 50 years old, the impressive array of more than 10,000 beers, wines and spirits (and gourmet foods) is augmented by events like “Entertaining Vine,” weekend tastings and pairings.
Also won: 2nd place Liquor store
3rd place Store for beer selection
2nd: Provisions
30 Crafts Ave.
Northampton, MA
(413) 727-3497
Also won: 1st place, Gourmet food store

3rd: Liquors 44
238 King St.
Northampton, MA
(413) 586-3007

and various locations
Also won: 1st place, Liquor store

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