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Local dating service

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Mass Match

6 University Dr., Ste 206-218
Amherst, MA
(413) 665-3218

Lanie Delphin offers her personal, private dating and matchmaking service as an affordable and secure alternative to Internet dating. "We deal directly,dblquote she explains, dblquoteso that people's information isn't available online." Delphin and her husband, Bud—they met through a dating service, by the way—aren't anti-technology. They have a website loaded with content that will be relevant to just about anyone looking for love; Lanie is a prolific writer of dating advice. Still, the 'Net doesn't strike her as the best place to find the right match. "We're not about building virtual relationships," she says. "We're about building healthy relationships."

2nd: The Relationship Company
59 Interstate Dr.
West Springfield, MA
(413) 733-5200

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3rd: Valley Advocate Personals
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