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Place for Pilates

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Stretch Yoga Center

183 West State St. (Rte. 202)
Granby, MA
(413) 467-9944

Stretch Yoga Center owner Gayle Stefanelli often helps newcomers learn Pilates, an exercise system devised by a German of Greek extraction, Joseph Pilates. Though she says it can be hard to get the hang of Pilates at first, she helps people in unintimidating small classes, and quickly gets them up to speed on what she calls "motion with control."

Also won: 3rd place Place for yoga
2nd: Debja Steinberger's Movement Innovations
140 Pine St., Studio 13 (Florence Community Center)
Florence, MA
(413) 585-0230
3rd: The Pilates Center of Western Massachusetts
104 Russell St. (Rte. 9)
Hadley, MA
(413) 586-3504

167 Dwight Rd. Ste.105
Longmeadow, MA
(413) 567-1092
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