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Local ski area

Berkshire East

South River Rd.
Charlemont, MA
(413) 339-6617
Berkshire East had a long and glorious 2010/2011 ski season, with Mother Nature dumping lots of powder, continually freshening up a fantastic base blown into place in late November and December. The whole mountain was open most of the season and conditions were consistently sweet. With new terrain parks on display and a new windmill cranking renewable energy, as well as improvements that took snowmaking and grooming to a whole new level, the B-East has been a resort on the move this year. And in a few weeks, Berkshire East's canopy tour zipline operation will be in full swing.
2nd: Blandford Ski Area
41 Nye Brook Rd.
Blandford, MA
(413) 848-2860
3rd: Butternut
380 State Rd. (Rte. 23)
Great Barrington, MA
(413) 528-2000
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