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Creative American fare restaurant

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The Sierra Grille

41 Strong Ave.
Northampton, MA
(413) 584-1150

O'Brian Tomalin, owner and manager, offers a mix of culinary styles at Sierra Grille, with influences like Italian, Spanish and even Thai. Recently, he adds, the Grille nodded to Northampton's culture of sustainability in food: "We switched over to a hormone- and antibiotic-free hanger steak—sustainable but decadent."

Also won: 2nd place Service/wait staff
2nd place Restaurant for desserts
3rd place Bar atmosphere
3rd place Wine list
2nd: Hope and Olive
44 Hope St.
Greenfield, MA
(413) 774-3150
3rd: Lattitude
1338 Memorial Ave.
West Springfield, MA
(413) 241-8888
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