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Banquet facility/reception hall

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The Log Cabin

500 Easthampton Rd.
Holyoke, MA
(413) 535-5077

Co-owner Peter Rosskothen can't tell you off the top of his head how many events take place each year at the Log Cabin. He counts them one at a time.
"I personally, as well as we as a team, feel that we truly handle one event at a time," says Rosskothen, who owns the Log Cabin with partner Mick Corduff.
The Log Cabin has sat in its distinctive mountainside spot, perched on an elevation with a beautiful view of the Valley, since it opened in 1933. Originally a restaurant, in recent years, the Log Cabin has been a favorite spot for events such as weddings, business events and fundraisers.

Rosskothen credits part of that success to the beauty of the restaurant's setting, which guests can enjoy from a large outdoor patio space and through the big windows that overlook the panorama from the event room. "We have this location which is extremely wedding-friendly, where you can make your wedding feel special," he says.

Making weddings and other events special is important to the Log Cabin's staff, Rosskothen says. "The entire team is very focused on making people happy," he says. "We have a big responsibility to our guests." If a diner goes to a restaurant and has a bad meal, he notes, there are ways to try to fix it, such as inviting the diner back for a gratis meal on another night. But with special events such as weddings, there's no opportunity for do-overs.

That might sound like a lot of pressure, but Rosskothen enjoys the work. "It's extremely rewarding, the feeling that you get when you make people happy on a special occasion," he says. And, he adds, that couldn't happen without a dedicated and talented staff: "The only reason we can win [awards] is, we have a staff that supports us really well. We couldn't do it without our staff. I know everyone says that, but I really mean that."

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