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Dr. Sue Keller

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Place for cosmetic surgery

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Dr. William Truswell/Aesthetic Laser and Cosmetic Surgery Center

61 Locust St. Ste. 2
Northampton, MA
(413) 587-0600

Dr. Truswell is not your typical cosmetic surgeon. Not only has he published four books on the topic as well as a post-doctoral textbook, "Facial Surgical Rejuvenation," he's often likely to be found traveling the world with organizations like Face to Face—fixing cleft lips and palates, unhealed tumors and facial damage in Chinese children—or spearheading the Faces of Honor program of free facial reconstruction for wounded U.S. veterans who can't otherwise afford treatment. Skin resurfacing procedures at Truswell's practice can soften 60 to 80 pecent of wrinkles, remove 95 to 100 percent of brown spots, and even skin tone and tighten skin to revive that elusive glow of youth. Truswell also offers treatment for acne scars.

2nd: Dr. Glenn S. Brooks
776 Longmeadow St.
Longmeadow, MA
(413) 565-4400
3rd: Dr. Simone Topal
40 Main St.
Florence, MA
(413) 584-0044
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